Creating lists manually

User e05b1833aa

26-03-2009 10:15:25


Currently it is possible to manually create lists using Cdid's. But it would be very usefull to be able to do this using other indicators, f.e. proprietary Compound IDs, batch IDs, or any defined field in a database. It would be great if the field to be matched from the items in a list could be selected from a drop-down menu in the 'Create list' window.



ChemAxon fa971619eb

26-03-2009 10:25:30

Thanks for the request.

We already have plans to implement this, and to provide other improvements to list management.

We'll let you know when this is done.


User 596f3ef229

17-04-2009 00:03:17

Just a comment to second this request. If someone asks me to retrieve data for 60 or 100 compound IDs, it would be very nice to be able to import the IDs as a list, matched to a particular db field.

The other obvious option would be to use jchem for excel, but it currently won't connect to our MySQL database.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

22-04-2010 06:21:32

You'll be pleased to hear that list support for multiple fields is implemented in the upcoming IJC 5.3.2 release, which is currently in testing. You will be able to create lists for any suitable field, to import/export lists of values, and to convert values between different fields.


User e05b1833aa

30-04-2010 08:50:12

Yes, this pleases me! Ideally all sorts of lists should be recognized: comma, tab or space separated, or one item per row (as in a table).