RDF import into existing table heirarchy?

User 596f3ef229

17-03-2009 23:57:29

I have created an IJC database with a parent structure table (compounds) and a batch subtable (can be one or more batch records for each compound).

I have imported several thousand records into this database using the RDF import/template feature. If I receive another set of compounds that have the same compound and batch information, is there a way to import the new RDF into the existing tables. Does the RDF import always create new tables or can you map fields to existing table fields? I could test this but it is quicker to just ask.

User 596f3ef229

18-03-2009 00:12:08

just did the test - by default RDF import deletes existing tables. The .properties RDF import configuration file includes "drop artifacts" and "create artifacts" sections. Not sure what will happen if I remove these - might as well give it a try.

User 596f3ef229

18-03-2009 00:22:00

tried removing the drop and create artifact sections - RDF import complained.

change drop and create to dummy table names - got past the drop/create artifact part then received an error that the table/field names I was trying to use were already in use. Seems like RDF import can only work for creating new tables & relationships.

How can I get additional relational data in at a later date?

ChemAxon fa971619eb

18-03-2009 07:31:07

The RDF import is only suitable for importing into new tables. It does not handle incremental updates.

Your best bet might be to combine the files first (e.g. using a text editor or another tool) and them to import the data in one go.