Transfer IJC database

User 4bdb1b72f8

16-03-2009 18:29:21

When I heard your Instant JChem seminar recently I remember mention of the ability to transfer an entire IJC database (including views) to a collaborator.  Can you explain how this can be done?

ChemAxon fa971619eb

16-03-2009 18:45:51

This works for a local database only.

You should do this:

1. create a project containing a local database. Remember the location on disk where you saved the project.

2. load any data into the local database. create forms, lists etc.

3. close IJC.

4. Find the project directory (from step 1), create a zip acrchive of it (or similar archive).

5. Send the zip file to you collaborator. They will:

6. unzip the archive, creating a copy of the project and all its data on their computer.

7. Open the project with IJC (using the same version or a newer version).

Let me know if you have any further questions.