Proxy server settings

ChemAxon fa971619eb

12-02-2009 12:22:13

We have noticed that some customers behind firewalls need to adjust the proxy server settings in order for IJC to connect to the internet. IJC tries to determine these automatically, but this is not always possible and they might need to be set manually.

Without correct proxy server settings certain aspects of IJC may not work:

- Welcome screen forum and news feeds

- Autoupdate (e.g. you may not be using the latest version of IJC)


The easiest way to detemine if you need to set the proxy server settings is to look at the Welcome screen. If the news and forum feeds are saying they can't connect to the internet then you probably need to set the proxy server settings. You can do this using Tools->Options and look on the General tab. You will need to consult your network administrator to find out the correct settings to use.

In IJC 2.4.2 we have made some improvements to this, but the proxy server settings may still need to be set manually.