Open and Go to a Specific form or List

User 7b0ee04e66

22-01-2009 07:57:15


I am trying to create a standalone CD with the Application and a Shared Project.

I have created an Auto Run file which automatically opens Instant Jchem with my Project.


open = .\InstantJChem\bin\instantjchem --open xxxxx.ijp

The xxxxx.ijp looks like

<!--l version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8-->

<!--CTYPE prj_configuration PUBLIC "//IJC//DTD Shared Projects 1.0//EN" "">;

<!-- codebasename must be global in local copy on user machine -->


<!-- url is either relative to codebase name or global if contains http:// -->


For the novice users, I would like to open one of the Forms directly when Instant JChem opens.

Can I add extra parameters to 'open xxxxx.ijp' to go to 'Form View' or one of the permanent 'List' ?

I have tried to use 'Make this my Start Up page' and this works well locally but this does not seems to be remembered after I delet ethe Application Data folder and re-insert the CD.



ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

22-01-2009 10:20:52

'Make this my Start Up page'  action uses IJC urls. IJC URLs were originally designed to interchange

queries and list between users. IJC URL are generated by using Tools->Generate URL action.  You can then execute the url from commandline:

instantJchem --openUrl


You can also use the IJC for opening forms from project on your CD. You need to change codebase of url to location on cd drive. e.g.:


More information about using ijc urls are in documentation at: