using jchem tables in instantjchem

User 70c125d390

20-11-2008 11:26:57

I have a question about the integration of jchem and instantjchem. I have looked around the forum but I am not able to find the answer.

I created a new db with JChemManager and I used the command line version of jcman to populate the db with a large collection of compounds that were in a lot of different files. So that I could have a script running over night and I did not need to go through all the gui steps to import files.

Now, I would like to connect to this db schema from within my ijc project and query the database. However if I try to connect to the schema the connection to the mysql database is fine but there is no schema present that I can select. So my question is how to get this db schema working in IJC.

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ChemAxon fa971619eb

21-11-2008 14:28:18

Hi, if you loaded data directly into database tables using jcman (or any other tool external to IJC) then IJC will not be aware of those tables.

What you must do it tell IJC about them.

You do this in the schema editor by using the Filter unused database artifacts toggle button (the second last one in the toolbar) so that you can see the unused tables, and then you "promote" this table into IJC using the button that appears in the main panel when you select the table.

This will add and new IJC entity to IJC which can then be used in the same way as if you had created it directly in IJC.

You may also need to promote any extra database columns to fields using the same approach.

See the section at the bottom of this page for more details:

Another approach is to first create an empty entity in IJC and then to load the data into that table using jcman. That way you do not need to go through the promotion process.

I hope this helps.