JWS License Location

User 596f3ef229

07-11-2008 01:37:27


I am trying to get our JWS deployment of IJC running. It all works fine except for one issue - if I attempt to run JWS on a "virgin" machine (ie one that has never had any chemaxon software installed), after JWS is copied to the local machine I get an error when attemping to copy license.cxl from the server.

Dowloading license file failed:

'<user home>\chemaxon\http___<server>_license.cxl (the system cannot find the path specified)

obviously, I have deleted the real userhome and server names from the message.

It occurred to me that the '<user home>/chemaxon' directory does not exist because there is no chemaxon software currently on the client. If I manually create the '<user home>/chemaxon' directory and re-run JWS, all goes fine - license.cxl is copied there from the server.

So my question is this - should JWS create '<user home>/chemaxon' if it does not currently exist on the client? Should I just get people to install marvin so they will have '<user home>/chemaxon' before running JWS?


ChemAxon fa971619eb

07-11-2008 10:53:04


Yes we are aware of this issue, and your assessment is totally correct.

This is fixed in the 2.4 release, but for now you need to make sure the chemaxon dir exists, or use your suggestion of installing Marvin first.