ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during import

User 677b9c22ff

04-11-2008 00:26:01


i tried to import some structures. The following (valid) SMILES code

gave an error. I am not sure why, because mview can show the compound. Import via FP 16:8:8 and no duplicates and empty structures


Source file: C10H10

Error: Failed to import row 98,041

java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1

C10H10_errors.smi contains C\C=C1/C=C/1/C=C1CC=C/1

This is Instant JChem 2.3.1

Import completed in 1,748s.

283,422 entries successfully imported.

1 Errors.

700 were not imported as they were duplicates

Bad records can be found at


Duplicate records can be found at


284,123 entries processed.


There seems to be an additional error, because if you look

at the C10H10 substances with mview structure 98,041 is

CC1=C(C)C=C2C=C2C=C1 and not as in Instant-JChem

C\C=C1/C=C/1/C=C1CC=C/1 so something with the number counting

seems also wrong.



ChemAxon fa971619eb

04-11-2008 10:05:42

The problem with that one structure is a JChem import bug.

The wrong row number report is an IJC bug.

Both are fixed in the 2.4 release and all structures in that file import OK.

Thanks for the report.