Generate URL

User b5f79361ac

30-10-2008 16:42:10


I'm a new user of IJC.

I shared a grid view with other users. But when I click Tools -> Generate URL, it shows an information dialog "Generate URL is allowed only for shared connection".

My connection is connected with Oracle DB server. Do you know how to "share" connection instead of grid view?



ChemAxon fa971619eb

30-10-2008 17:27:32

This means that the connection is not configured as part of a shared project, so the connection would be treated as a completely independent connection for different users and so cannot be used as part of a URL.

Deploying the connection as part of a shared project tells IJC that the connection seen by mutliple users is actually the same connection, so a URL generated by one user can be correctly interpretted by another user.

To see how to set up shared projects see here:

To see how to set up for using IJC URLs see here:

Let us know if this is not clear.