Committing data to table

User c92fc0bce4

25-10-2008 15:54:00

I have imported an sd file with associated fields into IJC. A table

was created just fine. I added a new field and column to the table.

I try to add a value to the new field in the grid view by selecting

the cell and entering the value followed by the ENTER key. A red box

is around the selected field. I can not get the new data to be saved

in the database. What am I missing?

IJC version 2.3.1

Vista OS

ChemAxon fa971619eb

25-10-2008 15:59:50

The red border means you have specified an invalid value (e.g. entering a text value into a number column).

What type of field did you create, and what value are you trying to enter?


User c92fc0bce4

27-10-2008 01:20:39

Thank you. That cleared up my problem. I was setting the data type

to one value type and trying to enter another.