adding link to field

User 1cbb912c5a

21-10-2008 09:41:42


I would like add a link (just like a hyperlink in MSWord) to web page or file in my hdd. So yet I haven,t done it.

Any suggestion? Is it possible?

Best regards for whole chemaxon's masters


ChemAxon fa971619eb

21-10-2008 11:04:15

This is not currently possible but is high on our list of features to add to IJC.


User 99b1bdd34f

07-05-2009 14:00:53

Dear ChemAxon team,


Any update on the hyperlink topic?

I am using IJC 2.4


Cheers, Robert

ChemAxon fa971619eb

07-05-2009 14:41:11

We have this working in the development version of IJC, but it is not yet ready for release.

We can't give a precise timing for when this will appear, but it is likely to be during Q3 of this year.