Drop-down list with query fields hidden

User e05b1833aa

21-10-2008 07:34:03


I have a local database with almost 50 data fields (columns). When I want to build a query and the drop-down list with fields to choose from shows up, this list gets so long that I cannot see nor choose the fields that are farthest near down the list, they are hidden behind the Windows task bar. I'm trying this on a laptop running Vista.

I wondered if it would be useful to be able to hide fields from this list, in analogy to the way one can hide them from the grid view. Shouldn't this be synchronized?

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

21-10-2008 11:02:58

We need to find a way to "fold" those extra columns. We will look into doing this.

It is not appropriate to filter the fields that are available in the query builder. This is because one of the key purposes of the query builder is to allow queries to be built that cannot be built using form based query. This includes the need to specify fields that are not displayed on a a form.

If you are ony wanting to query using fields that are displayed in a grid view or a form view then using form based query is probably a better solution than using the query builder.


User e05b1833aa

21-10-2008 11:13:05

That makes sense. Thanks for the tip.