Invalid chemical terms

User e05b1833aa

28-09-2008 10:59:16


For some chemical terms as exemplified on

InstantJChem responds that the term is invalid (I copy them from the above-mentioned web page and paste them into the New CT window), while others are apparently valid.

For example, fusedRingCount works fine, but ringSystemCount is invalid. Similarly, fusedAliphaticRingCount and fusedAromaticRingCount work, but neither smallestRingSystemSize nor largestRingSystemSize are valid.

Am I missing something obvious?

ChemAxon fa971619eb

29-09-2008 07:13:28

These functions have been added in a recent version of JChem, whilst the current released version of IJC used an older version.

These new functions will be available in the 2.4 version of IJC that should be released next month.

I attach the list of functions that is available in the current version of IJC.