Old-style license to expire on Oct 1st

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20-09-2008 11:08:46

Announcement: License requirement for Marvin, JChem version 5 and above - non function after October 1, 2008

From Marvin/JChem Version 5 and newer a new license management system has been introduced and requires that a license file be installed. Although the newer versions (Marvin & JChem 5.0+ ) do support the old license key (alphanumeric string), this support will stop as of October 1, 2008. To ensure continued operation please review the details below. This issue is a single event issue and will not require works in the future beyond those described here.

Software affected

Marvin 5.0+, JChem 5.0+ and Instant JChem 2.3+


From Marvin/JChem 5.0 and Instant JChem 2.3 we have introduced a new license file system which replaces the older license key system formerly used. The new license management system is introduced to allow time based licensing and to improve deployment and integration.


For all ChemAxon products running in the new license file system (Marvin & JChem 5.0+ and Instant JChem 2.3+) you need to obtain an deploy a new license file before October 1st in order to maintain continued operation. Older implementations (pre Marvin & JChem 5.0+ and Instant JChem 2.3+) will not be affected by this change and can continue to operate with the older license key.

Getting new license files

To obtain new license files please contact your sales contact or contact Nora Lapusnyik (nlapusnyik__at__chemaxon__.__com).

API access to License functionality

Developers please note that the new functionality includes API so that licensing issues can be handled in the background (hidden) and your users are not required to interact with the ChemAxon licensing functionality. API documentation.


Please see links below

* Working with license files: User Guide

* Handling license issues using the API; documentation.

* License handling forum thread

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