Report Layout

User 0f78267e36

08-09-2008 17:10:11


I would like to know what possibilities there are to modify the reports layout (p.e. for printing) and the data included in this. Or is the only way to do this modifying the original data sheet of the Instant JChem Table?

Thanks a lot

Christian Kowalewski

Pharmaceutical Institute

University of Bonn

ChemAxon fa971619eb

10-09-2008 06:34:01

The standard way to modify the layout for printing is the form builder.

This lets you add whichever fields you want to the form and to position and size them the way you want. You can create as many different forms as you want, and one of these can be specifically for printing. The form should print in much the same way that it looks when in browse mode.

In IJC 2.4 printing is being improved to make the print version look better and to add headers and footers etc.