SDFile interpreted as delineated text file

User 646cb12a16

25-08-2008 17:28:18

Hello -

I have several SD files from multiple vendors. Some of them are able to be imported into IJC, but some are interpreted as Delineated Text Files. Based on an earlier thread, I tried changing the EOL characters to and from Windows/Unix, but no luck. I am on Windows XP Pro, IJC 2.3. I am attaching 100-line samples of the files.

does_work.sdf - imports OK

does_not_work.sdf - interpreted as delineated text and cannot be imported.

Thank you for for your help,

Iestyn Lewis

Emory University

School of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology

ChemAxon fa971619eb

25-08-2008 19:33:13

The Marvin parser is not recognising the does_not_work.sdf file as a valid SD file, and so the only supported format remaining is text.

We are looking into why this file appears to be invalid.

We should hopefully have an answer soon.


ChemAxon fa971619eb

26-08-2008 14:06:43

The problem is caused by the

-- StrEd --

lines at the top of each structure. This is causing the Marvin parser to think the format is not SDF.

This problem is already fixed in the latest Marvin releases, and will be available in the next IJC version.

To work around the problem use a text editor and do a global search and replace to convert

-- StrEd --




User 646cb12a16

26-08-2008 14:08:06

Thank you very much.