Insert duplicate row?

User 169b52bbd8

06-08-2008 02:05:47

Dear all (Tim),

Is there a simple way to insert a new, duplicate row into a table? It would be useful to be able to copy an entire row and paste it back into the table.



ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

06-08-2008 06:18:21

You can use Copy and Past actions in gridview:

1) Show all writable fields in gridview

2) Select data in source row

3) Past it to other row


User 169b52bbd8

06-08-2008 06:34:44

Hi Petr,

The problem with gridview is that I have a relational database with chemical compounds in one table and associated packages in a separate table. I would like to create a duplicate package record from the form view because the package table does not include the actual chemical information - only the specific package information.

Does that make sense?



ChemAxon fa971619eb

06-08-2008 12:25:47

Hi David,

The ability to duplicate a row has previously been suggested and we plan to implement this.

For now though I think Petr's suggestiuon of using copy and paste should work, assuming I have understood your needs correctly.

If you have a structure table and a detail table that contains your package data and this package table has a many-to-one relationship to the structure table (which presumably it must if you are trying to add a second row) then you can create a form that contains the structues and a table widget that contains the package info. In that table widget you should be able to use copy and paste to create a new row with the same values as the copied row.

But of course a "add new row like this one" function would be simpler.