duplicate structure

User 247a2c5018

23-07-2008 09:29:43

How does IJC work with duplicate structure during the import process?

If a structure exists in my database and if this structure is in the import sdfile how does IJC work?

ChemAxon fa971619eb

23-07-2008 10:07:29

This depends on the setting for duplicate filtering.

This setting is applied to the JChem entity (table) when you create it (and can be changed later).

When duplicate detection is not set all structures will be imported, whether they are duplicates or not. When the setting is set only non-duplicate structures are imported. Any that are duplicates are not imported but are written to a file so that they can be inspected.


User 247a2c5018

23-07-2008 11:58:01

I see nowhere how to apply the duplicate filtering on my filed "structure"

ChemAxon fa971619eb

24-07-2008 07:36:12

You can change the setting for an existing entity (table) using the schema editor.

See the first screenshot on this page:


Alternatively, if you are importing from scratch and creating a new entity then the same settings can be made in the advanced settings for the table that is to be created. Click on the ... button next to the Table details combo box in the first step of import. See the first screenshot on this page:



User 247a2c5018

24-07-2008 09:07:59

Thank you it's works