Conditional Formatting

User 187b4ca6ec

08-07-2008 01:04:43


I wonder if IJC have conditional formatting like MS Excel.

Most of the data can be labeled by a ‘traffic light’ color code to easy understand the risk associated with structure.


ChemAxon fa971619eb

08-07-2008 03:54:54

There is a very simple prototype for this that is present in IJC that can be used in the grid view.

You can colour numeric values according to whether they are above or below a specificed value.

To access this open the field settings editor (right click on the column and choose 'Customise widget settings". Then in the editor change the setting for the Cell renderer to 'Colouring renderer (IJC API Example)'.

Once this change is made you can specify the value for the cuttoff and the colours to use.

This implementation is fairly simplistic. We plan a much improved conditional formatting capabiltiy in the future.


User 187b4ca6ec

08-07-2008 06:23:37

Hi Tim,

Coloring for cutoff value succeeded.

If the specified conditinal formatting can be saved, we are very happy.

ref) Drug Discovery Today, 2006, 11, 175 - 180.

Thank you so much,


ChemAxon fa971619eb

08-07-2008 06:29:19

You should find that the settings are automatically saved and survive a restart.