Migrating ISIS/Base forms and HVIEWs

ChemAxon 43e6884a7a

11-06-2008 08:38:14

Please give a short description about the manual migration of ISIS/Base forms and HVIEWs and estimate the time required for the migration.

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11-06-2008 12:56:29

There is currently no automated way to perform this.

In future we plan 2 tools that will be useful here:

1. Tool to migrate ISIS RCG database to a JChem database.

2. Tool to import an ISIS Hview into Instant JChem, retaining the relational data structure and as much as is possible of the forms.

Currently your options are to:


export the data (e.g. as SD or RD files) and import into IJC. This is probably the simplest approach for simple data structures.


To manually reproduce the ISIS database in IJC. This will involve:

1. connecting to the database.

2. convert ISIS structure tables to JChem tables by exporting the data (e.g. to SD file) and importing it into a JChem table within IJC (see the propsed tool described above that will simplify this)

3. redefining any foreign key constraints to use the JChem table rather than the ISIS tables.

4. promoting the other (non-structure) tables into IJC so that they can be used.

5. building the relational data trees (equivalent of ISIS Hviews).

6. building forms.