export to xls: standardized structure picture

User f52820d97e

09-06-2008 12:27:12


I would like to export to an excel file, but where the structure pictures would be in the standardized form.

I can change the display in the views of IJC but not on export... is there a way, or is it a planned feature?

Thank you


ChemAxon fa971619eb

10-06-2008 09:53:53

Export currently works on the raw data so it is not possible to export with formatting (e.g standardization).

We do plan to extend the export options to allow more flexible formatting options in the future, but currently this is snot possible.

I think your only current option would be to import the data in standardized form and then export it. You could, for instance:

1. Export the results to mrv or sdf format.

2. Standardize this data with a standardizer file.

3. Import the standardized results into a new table in IJC.

4. Export it to Excel.

A bit long winded, but it should work.


User f52820d97e

10-06-2008 12:17:39

Hi Tim,

Thank you for your answer - I thought about your option, indeed long winded, but it would work!