Samba Server

User 0f78267e36

09-06-2008 09:29:53


I created a database with Instant JChem on one Workstation (Windows); now I would like to install Instant JChem on our Server (Linux Based, includes a Samba Server), so that our team can access to the db from different desktops, probably with different secutiy levels.

(We have the academic license and since Version 2.3 this feature was included if I understood correctly).

My questions before beginning are:

How is the best way to install this correctly? Is there any guide available "Step by step", still to compare with our server presets?

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ChemAxon fa971619eb

09-06-2008 09:42:01

Instant JChem needs to be installed on the actual machine being used.

You could place the installer on the file server to make things easier, but you can't run IJC from a file server.

If you have a large number of users and want to simplify the installation process I would suggest you look at running the Java Web Start version. See here for details of how to set this up:

If you are wanting to share the database then you cannot put a local database on a file server. The local database only allows a single connection at a time so this will not work.

Instead you should set up an Oracle or MySQL database and use that.

For installing the Java Web Start version to your own server and the use of shared databases you must have an IJC license, which it sounds like you have under the terms of the academic package.