How to add column with 3D structures to the data table?

User 69dfb518d1

02-06-2008 18:20:07

I have built a new data table. There is one column containing 2D structures.

I need to have additional column containing 3D molecular structures.

How to insert such a column in my table?

Another question: how to copy a structure column and to paste it on

any other column, so there will be another column containing molecular structures?

See the attached CD file with my table.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

03-06-2008 08:20:12

JChem tables only support a single structure column.

You currently have 2 options:

1. handle the second structure as text. This would allow you to manage it, but not display as a strucutre.

2. Create a second table for the second structure and set up a one-to-one relationship betwen the two tables. This is quite a lot more complex, but will allow you to see the second structures. For more information read these help pages: