Getting Started or Tutorial for Instant JChem

User 69dfb518d1

31-05-2008 06:20:28

I have currently on my Windows PC the following software version:

Instant JChem Version: 2.3 (build: 080424) JChem Version: 5.0.3

For my inhibitors design project I need to create

my own molecular databank and fill it with my own molecular structures, numerical data, input and output files from my calculations, and so on. I also need to collect data from scientific journals and from other molecular databases.

I am a new user. Thus I need IJCGetting Started document to teach myself

how to work with Instant JChem. There is a pooldown "IJC Getting Started Gide" in the "Resources" window of the standard IJC. Unfortunately it leads to an empty HTML page.

I would appreciate, if somebody can address me to a real IJC Getting Started Document.

Thank you,


ChemAxon fa971619eb

31-05-2008 06:29:47

We did have a getting started guide but it became too out of date to be useful (the link on the Welcome page has been removed in the upcoming 2.3.1 version). We have replaced it with animations that guide you through some of the key aspects of using IJC. You can find the animations here:

Of course the other main source of information is the user guide, which can be found inside IJC (Help -> Help contents) and online here:

I hope these 2 sets of resources can help you get started.


User 5c7508af17

01-06-2015 17:11:48

I just downloaded instant Jchem and and it tells me that I need a license to create a new entity when I follow the info on importing data although your instant Jchem pub says that working with local databases does not need license.  What is wrong?

ChemAxon 320de6f832

02-06-2015 12:15:18

Dear Richard,

you can create and modify User’s objects (permanent lists, queries, scripts, forms) without a license, but if you want to create and modify Global schema objects (tables, columns, relationships) - for local database you will need
IJC personal license as a minimum.

It means, that you will not be able to import any structures without personal license.

With no license you can:

In addition with Personal Licenses you can:

With Enterprise licenses you can in addition

If you are interested in trying out some of our licenses, see here for more information. To apply for free academic or evaluation license, see here.

Wishing all the best