Java Web Start licensing

User 646cb12a16

20-05-2008 14:07:52

Hi - I have almost got my web start deployment up. I have received the correct license file for IJC 2.3, and everything works on my development machine where I have the license file. I have placed the license.cxl file at:


and verified that it is accessible. I started IJC using the link provided on my machine, and it worked fine - I looked at License Manager to see the new information in the license file.

The entry in the master.jnlp file is:


I have also seen a slightly different argument, -J-Dchemaxon, I think. Which one is correct?

On the client machine, I get an error message, saying it could not find the license file located at:


I don't know why it is converting it to a local path that doesn't exist. Any ideas?

ChemAxon 3b366b17e5

20-05-2008 19:44:39

chemaxon.license.url property name is correct:

<application-desc main-class="">



All IJC related properties are available at

We found a bug during license installation after IJC 2.3 was released. The license is installed to folder


The folder is shared among different Chemaxon products. IJC doesn't check existence of .chemaxon folder. Therefore the license was not installed. You can either create the .chemaxon folder manually (target location should be visble in log file (View|IJC Log file from main menu) or use License Manager in IJC (Help->Licenses from main menu) at first start. The bug will be fixed in IJC 2.3.1. The IJC 2.3.1 will be released in few weeks.

Please let know if the described workaround helped.