Table bug?

User 24d5d84f44

27-02-2008 22:37:25

When new fields are imported into IJC, the columns are added to all of my tables in my form views. Is this just me or a repeatable bug?

IJC 2.2; Java 6; XP

ChemAxon e189db4705

28-02-2008 03:38:40

Actually this is how it was designed. Whenever a new field is added to entity (database table) all table widgets (the visual components) in all forms know about it. And so new column is immediately added to all of them.

Currently the new column is added as visible, but of course we can add it as hidden, so nothing changes in forms. You would be able to make it visible later in table widget settings.

It was designed this way in IJC 1.0 when we had just gridview. We were thinking that adding new columns as visible is better option and most users expect it.