Marvin 5

User 24d5d84f44

27-02-2008 22:32:23

I have installed Marvin 5, but Marvin 4 opens up in IJC. How do I point IJC 2.2 to Marvin 5?

ChemAxon e189db4705

28-02-2008 03:18:21

I am afraid it's not possible. IJC always contains own Marvin/JChem version co-bundled - you can see the used version number in release notes for each IJC release.

We could not integrate Marvin 5 in IJC 2.2 because we were in late stabilization phase when Marvin 5 was finished. And IJC 2.2.1 was just a bug fixing release.

Upgrade to Marvin 5 is the most important feature in IJC 2.3 which is planned for April.


ChemAxon fa971619eb

29-04-2008 16:20:17

IJC 2.3 is released which now includes Marvin 5.0.3.