Pivot Tables

User 259df256ea

27-02-2008 15:25:06

Is there any plan to implement a tool to construct pivot tables in future IJC releases?

Along these lines, is there any way currently to view data in related tables in the grid view or to export data from multiple related tables into a single file?



ChemAxon fa971619eb

27-02-2008 15:39:06

We do plan to support pivoted data in a future version of IJC, but we don't currently have a time frame for this.

Similarly it is potentially possible to enhance the grid view to allow it to show data from multiple tables, but this opens up a lot of complexity and so will take some time to achieve.

Export of relational data structures (initially to RDF format) is planned fairly soon.


User 259df256ea

27-02-2008 16:24:11

Thanks Tim. We will wait on bated breath. These will be very useful features.