Structures visible upon scrolling

User e05b1833aa

17-02-2008 17:08:19


This has probably been requested but I couldn't find it in the forum: it would be very usefull if the column with structures in the Grid view would always be visible, even if one scrolls to the right to display other columns (this is functionality similar to 'Freeze panes' in MS Excel). But maybe this is already possible?



ChemAxon e189db4705

18-02-2008 10:00:39


we planned to implement this feature some time ago, but now it's not among our top priority tasks.

The reason is that since IJC 2.0 you can use form designer to create your own form. You can add Molecule pane for structure field and Table widget for the rest of columns.

If you want to see more molecules you can also add one Table widget with only column (for structure) and another Table widget for the rest of columns.