formatting for export to Excel

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

30-01-2008 15:14:14

A client asks

"The Instant JChem 2.2 update is very nice! I do have one question though: is it possible to modify the structure rendering style for MS Excel export? The rendering style is always 3D, ball and stick, on a black background. Adjusting the rendering style in the source IJC table doesn't appear to have an effect of what is exported.

Also, a print to PDF or PostScript feature would be useful in addition to the very useful export to MS Excel feature.


ChemAxon fa971619eb

30-01-2008 20:18:24

Currently export works on the "raw" data, not the formatted data that is in a view (form or grid). Overall this is a good thing as it avoids loss of data caused by formatting. But obviously in some cases it is an irritation.

In your case I suspect that you have imported 3D structures so they are exported as 3D, It would be better to provide options to allow user to specify how to format the data, and we are planning on doing this at some stage. we plan to allow formatting of all fields to be specified during export, but this is actually quite complex to implement.

We are also investigating direct export from the views (grid or form) to formats such as PDF. This would retain all formatting of the view.

User a27c3bf7ec

04-02-2008 16:59:37


This may already have been addressed elsewhere - how do we export just the results from a given query to Excel (and not the entire contents of the database), using IJC v.2.2?



ChemAxon fa971619eb

04-02-2008 17:15:40

Hi Jay,

Export works on the current result set, so you should get only the rows from the current query. To get the current rows make sure you have something selected that corresponds to that query e.g. a view that is showing the result or the data tree node from the projects window. The safest way is to r-click on the data tree node in the projects window and choose "Export to file...".

There is a bug that sometimes prevents this and you get the whole dataset. This bug has been fixed and will be in the release that is coming very soon.


User a27c3bf7ec

04-02-2008 17:39:22

Thanks Tim; in fact, I did just that prior to your response and it worked fine. I'll look to the updated version soon.



ChemAxon fa971619eb

14-02-2008 18:56:31

The bug that is mentioned has now fixed in IJC 2.2.1