Exporting date fields to SD or csv

User 24d5d84f44

14-01-2008 19:15:10

When I export file which include date fileds to an SD or csv file, the format includes a time stamp (Fri Jul 07 00:00:00 EDT 2006 ) eventhough the date appears normally (7.7.2006) in IJC. The export format is not recognized as a date format in other programs (excel, spotfire). Is there a way to control the format of date fields when exporting so that they are recognizable as date fields in excel? (Using IJC 2.2, office 2007, Windows XP, Java 6).

User 93ee1c732b

14-01-2008 21:27:21

Please use following format mask in cells containing date values.


It is working fine for me in OpenOffice. It should be same in excel.


ChemAxon fa971619eb

14-01-2008 22:05:10

Export works on the "raw" data, not the formatted data you see in a view. This is generally a good thing as it would be bad if data was lost because of formatting, and it can usually be reformatted in the new destination.

But in the case of dates this is not ideal, and some formatting capability would probably be a good idea. The question is what formatting? With all the multitude of date formats and locales any particular format would not be right for all people.

Maybe we can provide a simple fix for this specific problem by providing allowing a default date format to be defined and used.

Longer term we want to allow all data to be formatted according to users specific needs.

Please let us know If you have any specific suggestions.



User 24d5d84f44

15-01-2008 05:08:08


A simple dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy would be great.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

18-01-2008 10:07:38

We will look at sorting something out for this.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

14-02-2008 18:50:40

Date formats now have been standardized in IJC 2.2.1. They are displayed and exported in 1-Jan-2008 format, which is recognised by most external programs.

We hope to make the formatting more customisable in future.