Project Groups

User 24d5d84f44

09-01-2008 19:19:35

My project list is getting long, I would like to arrange them in folders. The "groups" function (right click on project->new group) looks like ideal for this. I am having trouble finding information on how to move projects into groups. Could anyone point me to the documentation or a good help keyword that explains how to organize projects into groups?

ChemAxon fa971619eb

09-01-2008 19:41:10

There is no current way to re-organize the contents of a project.

This sounds like an interesting problem. Which aspects of your project are getting out of control? We'd love to know more about what you are trying to do with IJC and how you would want to re-organise things.

A possible solution is to re-organise your data into multiple projects. If some data is unrelated to the rest it can sensible be put in its own project (that's really what projects are for).

But please note that we are planning to re-organise the projects window so that only a single project can be open at a time. Most users tend to find multiple projects confusing and unnecessary. Each project likely will remain the same but opening a new one will close the current one.


User 24d5d84f44

09-01-2008 19:54:17


Thanks for your reply. I think what I want to do is enabled. Let's say I have projects A, project B, Project a long list. I would like to have folders (or groups) that helps me organize all of my say "CNS" projects (project A and Project B) into that group, and my "CV" projects (Projects D, E, F ) into my "CV" folder (or group) . I just can't find any info for "groups" in the help.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

09-01-2008 20:11:48

There isn't currently any ability to organise projects into groups (hence why there is no documentation!).

I assumed it was the contents of a project that you wanted to organise. Not the projects themselves.

What you are suggesting is contrary to the general feedback that we have received about projects. Most people tend to find multiple projects confusing so we were planning on changing the projects window so that only a single project at a time was open. But it sounds like you have the opposite problem.

Why is it that you have some many different sets of data? We'd like to understand this before we start on re-organising projects so that we can try to meet all people's needs.


User 24d5d84f44

09-01-2008 20:33:28

I too find a list of many projects a bit difficult to navigate, so I think we are on the same page. I am a bit confused, however. If I right click on the project tab, I get the option "Project Group" which gives me the option to add "new group" where I can form a new group (see jpg attached). The options I have are: to create a "Free group" or "Project and All required projects" or a "Folder of projects". This looked to me to be a way to organize projects, hence my original question. I just could not find any info in the help.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

10-01-2008 09:08:59

Ah! That has crept through form the underlying platform upon which IJC is built. It was not supposed to be there.

We will investigate whether this can be useful and made to work properly as part of our re-design of the projects window,


ChemAxon fa971619eb

14-02-2008 18:54:50

Project groups are now working in IJC 2.2.1.

The UI for creating groups is unchanged from that which s present in the underlying Netbeans platform, and not all the options make sense.