retrieving associated info after overlap analysis

User e34a92cce5

23-12-2007 04:32:28


I have my query and target tables with their compound ids that are different from the auto-generated cd_ids in Instant JChem 2.1. Now, I run an overlap analysis and get my hits. However, I need to see the compound id from my target table being reported in the 'Hits' field instead of the cd_id. What's the best way for me to connect and get that info? Essentially, I am looking for an output file with the header:

Query_table.CompoundID, Query_table.Target_Hits_CompoundID

ChemAxon fa971619eb

23-12-2007 09:49:39

Currently there aren't any options to do this.

We do plan to make improvements to the output of overlap analysis that will allow this sort of thing to be done in the future.