custom multiple selection

User afeef30056

05-12-2007 14:07:50

Hi Guys,

sometime ago i asked for a new feature in IJC able to select and export just selected rows. Something like ctrl+left click to select and then right click on the selected subset with the export to sdf option. Obviously, the idea is to select not in sequence rows.



ChemAxon e189db4705

06-12-2007 06:26:45

Hi Pasquale,

The multi-interval selection feature is planned and should be available in IJC 2.3. We are also thinking about something more than just multi-interval selection for the use case you described - we would like to implement the feature to edit list of records in form/gridview (perhaps using checkbox in a special column in table). These lists can be then exported, printed, etc.

For now I think you can use current list management features for this. It's not probably so fast to use as multi-interval selection, but still should be useful:

1. Open gridview or some form with table widget

2. Select single row or single interval or rows

3. Press "Save as list" action in view toolbar (small blue diskette icon)

4. Choose "Selected rows only" and save the list

5. Repeat the steps 2-4 and save new lists. Please note that there is a limit for temporary lists count (default 10 lists), so if you have more than 10 lists the oldest one will be always removed. You can change this limit in Tools->Options->Misc->List & Queries. If you store your lists as permanent there is no such a limit.

6. Switch to List & Queries window and select all newly created temporary (or permanent) lists

7. click on list operations button in toolbar (or go to main menu Lists) and select Union operation.

=> the newly created list contains all the rows from previous single-interval selections.

8. Now you can double click on the list in List&Queries window. All the rows specified by list are loaded to current view. You can now export it or do anything else with this.

Hope this could help.


User afeef30056

06-12-2007 13:44:56

Thanks Petr,

could you please tell me when you planned to launch IJC 2.3?



ChemAxon e189db4705

07-12-2007 03:50:59

It is planned to be released around mid/end of February. I can't say it more precisely now as it depends on the final list of features for this release.