SD File size limit?

User 77bcbbb206

04-12-2007 22:31:36

I'm trying to import a large file and am having some problems. Actually, just a bit of confusion I think. When I try to do a "File Import" I get the input prompt but when I supply the sd file I'm using, IJC assumes that it's a delimited text file rather than a sd file type and doesn't give the ability to override it. Any idea why? I've attached a image helping to explain. The file is around 700M and has something like 800K structures.

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ChemAxon fa971619eb

05-12-2007 11:36:42

This doesn't make much sense to me either.

Maybe check the following:

1. When the file is selected make sure the SDF file filter is specified.

2. Is the file a valid SDF?

3. If neither of these fixes the problem are you able to send the first few records of the file to us so that we can look at it?

4. Which version of IJC are you using?


User 77bcbbb206

05-12-2007 16:56:45


Thanks for the quick reply (and sorry for all the questions).

You were correct. This was a formatting issue. The large_sd.sdf file I was using simply had a line feed and not the carriage return, line feed expected. After correctly formatting the file, the SDF file type was made available.

Sorry for not noticing that.

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