Problem during molecule deletion

User 677b9c22ff

03-12-2007 20:14:45

Hi following error ocoured when I marked all the compounds

and tried to deleted them.

Latest version of I-JChem running.

Instant JChem Version: 2.1.1 (build: 071024) JChem Version: 3.2.11 Marvin Version: 4.1.13 (build date: 2007-9-20) Java: 1.5.0_11; Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM 1.5.0_11-b03 System: Windows XP version 5.1 running on x86; Cp1252; en_US (instantjchem)


java.lang.AssertionError: Action may not be invoked from the thread Module-Actions, only the event queue:

at org.netbeans.modules.openide.util.ActionsBridge.doPerformAction(

at org.openide.util.actions.CallableSystemAction.actionPerformed(

at org.openide.util.actions.NodeAction.actionPerformed(

at org.openide.util.actions.CallbackSystemAction$DelegateAction$

at org.netbeans.modules.openide.util.ActionsBridge$ActionRunnable.actionPerformed(

at org.netbeans.core.ModuleActions.invokeAction(

at org.netbeans.modules.openide.actions.ActionsBridgeImpl.invokeAction(

at org.netbeans.modules.openide.util.ActionsBridge$ActionRunnable.doRun(

at org.netbeans.modules.openide.util.ActionsBridge$

at org.openide.util.RequestProcessor$

[catch] at org.openide.util.RequestProcessor$

ChemAxon fa971619eb

04-12-2007 09:29:48

Thanks for the report.

We have this problem fixed for the upcoming release of IJC.


ChemAxon fa971619eb

15-01-2008 14:00:34

This problem should now be fixed in IJC 2.2.