Changing data tree details

User f52820d97e

29-11-2007 14:20:22


I am wondering if it possible to alter the data tree details once it is created.

I can right-clic on a data tree to edit it, but I cannot change the standardizer configuration for example... the options are greyed out.



ChemAxon fa971619eb

29-11-2007 14:42:59

The settings for the tables are only displayed in the data tree editor for informational purposes only. You cannot edit then here (we plan to make this clearer in the future).

You can edit the settings of the individual tables by using the schema editor.

Double click on the schema node in the project explorer to open the schema editor. Then select the table and go to its Standardizer tab.


User f52820d97e

29-11-2007 14:59:31

Great, thanks! (not obvious, I looked for that... not enough)