User Logouts

User 259df256ea

27-11-2007 21:13:03

When a user with full priveledges needs to login in single-user mode to edit the schema, is there a way to force logout all other users? Many people here exit IJC without closing the connection, making it difficult to administer the database.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

30-11-2007 08:16:17

You can see who is logged in (use the Current Users window - available from the Window menu), but you currently can't log them out. We plan to add the ability for and admin to force the logout of a user, but this obviously involves some level of risk so would need to be done carefully.

If you currently want to log a user out you can do this by setting the value of the LOGIN_TIME column in the IJC_USERS table to null directly in the database. But of course check first that they really are not using IJC!


ChemAxon fa971619eb

15-01-2008 14:01:57

In IJC 2.2 an administrator can now use the Current users window to log users out.

User 259df256ea

15-01-2008 14:10:47

Thanks Tim. This will be a big help.