Warning: Relationship not found...

User 6135131fe5

26-11-2007 09:34:51


I'm a new user to the list (hello everybody), and am finding IJC to be an excellent and very useful tool.

However, in the process of developing a new project with a number of tables and relationships, I've run into the following non-fatal error on startup:
Warning: Relationship (identifier omitted) not found. DataTree (name omitted) will be incomplete
I think this happened in the process of creating and then modifying or deleting various relationships in the project.

I know where the offending reference to the relationship exists in the IJC_SCHEMA table (we're using Oracle XE), but it didn't seem particularly advisable to go in and edit the entry. Short of that, is there anything I can do to get rid of this error message? Or is it OK to just edit the offending ITEM_ID out of the XML?


- Ryan

ChemAxon fa971619eb

26-11-2007 19:02:16


You are correct in all aspects.

Yes, the error is annoying, but not fatal.

Yes, there is currently no direct way to fix it inside IJC (we will be resolving this!)

Yes, you should be able to fix it by directly editing the XML, but if you do this do it carefully!

A safe way to remove it is to delete the complete data tree from IJC and then rebuild it. You will not lose any data, but you will need to re-create the data tree and any views (forms etc.) list and queries it contains.