security/users not working under Mac 10.4

User d329696e7a

19-11-2007 19:50:51

At last our IT guy got MySQL set up - now I'm try to do the most basic configuration so I can evaluate I-JChem as a multi-user platform.

So far, I am nothing but frustrated. I'm running I-JChem on a Mac with system 10.4 and connecting to MySQL 5.0 on a Windows server machine.

I'm trying to follow the instructions here:

However, when I click on "configure security..." for a schema, there is only a "Configuration" tab and no "User management" tab. I changed a test schema to use "Username/password using IJC database" and now I cannot connect at all, since (obviously) no users are configured. Is there a step to setting up the users database that is not explained?

It looks as though one has to manually edit the XML file at some point?

ChemAxon fa971619eb

19-11-2007 20:46:00

The users tab only appears when you have enabled database based security. If you are not seeing this tab then the chances are that you have not specified these security settings.

To do this:

1. Click on the Edit... button on the Configuration tab - the first screenhot you can see here:

2. The Secutity configuration editor window will open (screen shot 2 on that page).

3. In the editor select the Username/Password using IJC database option and click on the Select button to load this into the editor area.

4. This XML can be used as is, but you might want to look though it.

Part of the configuration includes a username admin with password admin that lets you connect even though you have not yet defined any users.

5. Click on the OK button and then Close to apply the settings.

6. Disconnect and reconnect (e.g. using the right click menu on the schema node in the project explorer).

7. When you connect again you should be get a username/password prompt. Connect as admin/admin.

8. Configure the security again and you should see the users tab. Add whichever users you need.

I hope this helps.


User d329696e7a

19-11-2007 21:58:56

ok, thanks - that's getting me much further along than before.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

20-11-2007 16:37:08

The steps for defining the security settings are described in the user docs. See here for the main details:

Please let us know if anything is not clear.