calculation on custom fields

User d056e985a7

07-10-2007 21:57:33

I have a structures table with 3 custom fields (all integer values in this case).

Is it possible to do a calculation on these fields and store the value in another field ? I tried to add a new chemicals term field with a formula something like this


but this gives me a 'Chemical terms expression is invalid' message

field('f1') seems to be valid syntax but the value (property) does not appear in the new field

I've read and related documentation but am getting nowhere.

Any ideas?

User d056e985a7

07-10-2007 21:59:09

Sorry, I just read this

seems to be the same question.

I'll be patient

ChemAxon fa971619eb

08-10-2007 06:05:42

Yes, this is on our TODO list.