Offline Update

User 596f3ef229

28-09-2007 05:40:13

Is there any way to offline update IJC2 to the latest version (ie without using the included Update Center)? My server is not connected to the internet and it would be nice to update without moving it first.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

28-09-2007 08:33:36

IJC 2.1 will be available very soon. We are in the final stages of testing.

This is a major feature release and will have new installers.

I would suggest you wait for that.

Generally we only build installers for major feature releases. Minor bugfix releases are provided through the update center. If you do not have an internet connection you can manually download the updates from the update center onto a different machine that is connected, transfer them to the machine you need (e.g. on CDROM or flash drive) and manually load them.

Basically you should find a zip file in the update center directory


which you can download and unzip on your machine. Then you can load the updates using Tools -> Plugins. Look at the 'Downloaded' tab and click on 'Add plugins...'

Hope this helps


User 596f3ef229

28-09-2007 22:50:42

I had no idea you could manually apply the updates in that manner. Thanks for the information!!

Now to decide if I should wait for IJC2.1 as you suggested...