User afeef30056

20-08-2007 07:41:18

Hi Tim,

it is quite urgent!!!

on the client where i installed the m6 update you gave me, i got the attached errors when i try to connect to my oracle schema.

User afeef30056

20-08-2007 07:52:46

i also got the following error message

[org-netbeans-modules-project-ui-logical-tab-action.shadow, ViewR9:51 AM 8/20/2007untimeTabAction.shadow, ViewFavoritesTabAction.shadow, org-netbeans-core-actions-GlobalPropertiesAction.shadow, oldRootsStart.txt, oldRootsEnd.txt, Output, Navigator, SwitchToRecentDocumentAction.shadow, Separator3.instance, CloseWindowAction.shadow, MaximizeWindowAction.shadow, org-netbeans-core-windows-actions-UndockAction.shadow, Separator4.instance, CloneDocumentAction.shadow, CloseAllDocumentsAction.shadow, CloseAllButThisAction.shadow, DocumentsAction.shadow, Separator5.instance, org-netbeans-core-windows-actions-ResetWindowsAction.instance]

WARNING [org.openide.filesystems.Ordering]: Found same position 9900 for both Menu/Help/org-netbeans-modules-welcome-ShowWelcomeAction.instance and Menu/Help/sep-99.instance

WARNING [org.openide.filesystems.Ordering]: Relative ordering attribute com-im-ijc-examples-separator.instance/IJC API examples on Menu/Help is deprecated in favor of numeric position attributes

WARNING [org.openide.filesystems.Ordering]: Not all children in Menu/Help/ marked with the position attribute: [IJC API examples, com-im-ijc-examples-separator.instance], but some are: [utilities-sep-5.instance, Separator1.instance, utilities-sep-2.instance, com-im-ijc-core-help.xml, sep-98.instance, chemaxon-home.url, forum.url, org-netbeans-modules-welcome-ShowWelcomeAction.instance, sep-99.instance, com-im-ijc-core-ui-AboutIJCAction.instance]

INFO [org.netbeans.modules.autoupdate.updateprovider.AutoupdateCatalogCache]: Processing URL: http://www.chemaxon.com/instantjchem/updatecenter/ijc_2_0_m5/catalog.xml

User afeef30056

20-08-2007 08:17:13

i miss the oracle support plugin...

ChemAxon fa971619eb

20-08-2007 11:17:12


I seems that there is a problem reading the IJC meta data. To enable us to look into this can you send me the following:

1. The contents of the ijc_schema table (this contains only the meta data info).

2. A list of all table names in the particular oracle schema.

Please send privately to tdudgeon at chemaxon.com



ChemAxon fa971619eb

20-08-2007 11:19:28

Sorry, and one more thing:

3. The IJC log file. Found somewhere like:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\.instantjchem\ijc_2_0_m6\var\log\messages.log


ChemAxon fa971619eb

27-08-2007 14:21:52

This problem should now hopefully be fixed in the 2.0.1 updates.