Request: Enable compressed sdf.gz import

User 677b9c22ff

17-08-2007 22:01:32


would it be possible to enable sdf.gz import?

Thank you


ChemAxon e189db4705

18-08-2007 17:48:37


I think I've never heard such a requirement before. I think it could be potentially interesting feature, but:

- there are many import formats

- there are many import formats

- we would need somehow support all combinations (ok, actually unzip/untar... would be just some kind of pre-processor)

- not sure I know any other software which supports import/open of its files compressed somehow. Like MS Word is not opening etc. or is it? It's usually user's responsibility to prepare (unzip/...) the appropriate file format.

On the other hand unzipped sdf/tab/csv are usually much bigger then compressed versions so maybe this feature can safe some temporary disk space. But is this the reason?

So I think it could be useful, but as there is simple workaround (unzip the file manually) I am not sure if this is the most important thing now. We have long list of planned features - for example also those which you requested in other post (www field, field types for images, etc...).


ChemAxon fa971619eb

18-08-2007 17:55:21

Marvin supports reading compressed files, so it should be reasonably simple to add this to IJC.

We'll look into it.