Lost data in the new version in the text (list) field

User 95285039c0

12-08-2007 17:08:29


I have exported the db before upgraded to the new, 2.0 version. I have had text list type field and after the import, all data from this field was lost. There is an error info, or something in that field like this: [Ljava.lang.String;@1b22e94

Have I lost these data? How should I get this data back?

THX for help.


ChemAxon e189db4705

13-08-2007 20:09:06

I tested it and it looks there is a bug in export of this type of field (array of texts). We are working on it.

Could you please specify what was the old IJC version you used before upgrade? The projects created in 2.0 development versions should be possible directly open in 2.0 final release without any exporting/importing data.

Anyway, I suppose you didn't deleted the old database tables, so the data are not lost. We will provide the way how to fix this problem as soon as possible.


User 95285039c0

14-08-2007 06:22:37


You are right, I have found the original project and it can be opened without any problems.

By the way, the latest version was the last 2.0 beta 7 as i guess.



ChemAxon e189db4705

14-08-2007 13:08:37

ok, good.

The export/import problem was just partly fixed - it works for all export/import formats now except .tab and .csv. The bugfix will be part of next release (IJC 2.1).

We are still working on .tab/.csv formats too, so hopefully will be fixed soon too.

Thank you for bug report.