Artefacts during fast scrolling viewing on some files

User 677b9c22ff

06-08-2007 06:23:18


I have several files which are Reactor products which form

visible artefacts/artifacts if I scroll through the file very fast.

This does not occur on many other files and they were imported with standard options. Some of these atoms still

have reaction centers on, and the DB is only 1000 compounds. If I click on any DB field inside, hence activate it,

all the molecules are re-drawn and OK!

See attachement below.

This is not database size dependent! I have a small 480,000 compound database on a slow harddrive

and medium graphics card and a Core Duo and I can scroll up and down with no problem at all.


ChemAxon fa971619eb

07-08-2007 14:06:55

Are you able to supply us with this file so that we can investigate this?



User 677b9c22ff

07-08-2007 21:09:57


the solution is to restart the whole computer. I used WINXP 32bit,

so the whole system was degraded.

Yes its like in the old days with windows 95 which needed a restart every week.

Maybe JAVA uses some 2D or 3D interfaces (like JOGL)

which are error prone, because killing the JAVA JVM does not help,

there are still some DLL issues under WIN.