Using IJC on Samba shared drive?

User 169b52bbd8

20-07-2007 04:32:36

Dear IJC developers,

I have an IJC database that I have created on a Linux system. I have made it multi-user using an IJC database.

I can share out the IJC database from the Linux system to a Windows system using Samba. If I do this, I can log into the database OK as admin, but I am unable to do so as a user with only ROLE_USER rights.

Should I be able to do this?

The error I get is attached.



ChemAxon fa971619eb

20-07-2007 06:45:06

This won't work. The embedded (local) Derby database is strictly single user.

Derby does checks to ensure that only one process is connected to the database at a time, but as you are accessing from different machines it looks like this is being partially bypassed, but will still fail.

To share a database between multiple users you should use an Oracle or MySQL database. IJC could in principle support the Derby database server (as opposed to the embedded database), but there has not yet been any demand for this. We also plan to support PostresSQL at some stage. All of these require a license key for the enterprise version of IJC.

With a local database you can copy the entire project (including all the database files) and give them to another user. This will work fine, but it is strictly a copy - changes in one database will not be reflected in the copy.