single record view ugly at 1900x1200 pixel

User 677b9c22ff

03-07-2007 08:08:35

Hi Tim,

my screen is 1900x1200 wide and the single form (see PubChem demo database) looks ugly. Fonts are too small?

Or the rectangle around them? See PDF attached. (I a have IJChem 200610171010)

Well, besides this, mostly bad things are reported in the forum, so let me say I love the new Instant-JChem and it saves a lot of time during my research and it is extremely versatile and you guys did a great job. (Thats all)

Kind regards


ChemAxon fa971619eb

03-07-2007 09:16:47

This is caused by problems with differences in font sizes beteween different platforms (e.g windows vs. linux vs. mac). If the forms were designed on a platform that uses different font sizes then there may be layout problems on other platforms.

We currently don't have a solution to this, but you should be able to easily redesign the form to accommodate the different font sizes.