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User e29a5e272b

06-06-2007 20:22:04

Hi there,

I'm working now with Instant jChem 1.0.5.

Despite the fact that it is very good program I suffer without ability to work with lists and manipulate subset selections.

Current way of multiple selection (IN LIST) is not practical: one have to put commas and remove spaces between IDs while in most lists (I have seen) IDs are listed in column.

It will be great if one can import a list of IDs to be selected from a *.lst/txt (any ASCII format) file.

Again it will be great if program allow to remember subset selections and their manipulations like addition of two lists, subtraction one from another etc.

As for table representation. Now the tables with compounds and data fields in JChem looks too impractical -- a lot of space looses because of vertical table format. As for me it would be nice if I can see table like tile (mview way).

Editing structure for query. It is possible to copy a structure from table and paste it into structure query window. However I cannot delete it easily! I have to double click and in msketch to remove a structure. please add "Del" button right-click menu

Shortcuts. Is there a way to setup shortcut keys for various operations? It is very good option if you do a lot of queries.


ChemAxon fa971619eb

07-06-2007 08:55:54

Thanks for your comments.

Please note that version 2.0 of Instant JChem has been under development for some months now and will shortly be released. Previews are available from here:

IJC2.0 is a lot more advanced than 1.0, but is not yet finalised.

You may want to take a look at it, but you might prefer to hold off a couple of weeks or so by which time we will have an updated version.

We will shortly be starting development of list and query management which should allow the sort of lit management features that you are wanting. This will probably come in version 2.1.

IJC2.0 includes a form builder that might be of interest to you in optimising the display space. This would allow you to view the data fields in a compact table and the strucutre at a larger size both in the same form.

See here for some examples:

Could you explain what you mean by shortcuts. You seem to be referring to queries, but its unclear exactly what you are wanting.

(p.s. query is extensively changed/improved in the latest development version that will be available soon).


User e29a5e272b

08-06-2007 19:57:27

Under shortcuts I mean combination of bottons that will execute certain command. For Example to execute query serach in ISIS I press Ctrl+E. You have a number of such shortcuts, but I have not found it "to execute search".

My suggestion is that a user would have an option to define shortcuts himself, like in KDE's control center.

Del of a structure in sructure query windiw is also important.

Now I will try 2.0 and write down impression.