IUPAC naming

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

21-05-2007 00:55:40


I tried to populate a new CT column (IUPAC naming) in IJC (from the forums view) but the term was not valid because of license key issues. I entered the license key via Marvin "IUPACNaming=XXXXXXXX" and it seemed to be OK there but still it didn't work in IJC - even after a restart.

IJC Development version 200610171010


ChemAxon fa971619eb

21-05-2007 07:16:42

Please report the IJC version that is mentioned on the Welcome screen. As updates might have been installed this provides us with the acutal update version which is more useful than the version that was originally installed.

IUPAC naming became available in JChem 3.2.5 which was first used in the M3a update of IJC Milestone 3. If you have not updated from the original version that was installed then naming will not be available. The latest update is M3e.

If you have the latest updates then check these:

1. The chemical terms function that you should use is:


This is availabe in the chemical terms favourites.

2. Check the license key has been entered correctly.

If all this is correct then naming should work for you.


ChemAxon b124dd5f17

21-05-2007 12:50:08

Hi Tim,

The release is v2.0 release 3e, I just checked again and there are no available updates.

I have checked the license.dat file in the c:\Documents and Settings\'your_user\chemaxon\ and the key is not listed there. I added and restarted and all is well


User 677b9c22ff

03-07-2007 07:41:15


I also have a problem, if I click on a substance within Instant-JChem and start Marvin 4.17 and then calculate the name it requires the license key (I enter the academic license) and an error occours with an exception (Index array out of bound) and then if I OK that, another error occurs:

BaseKit.install() incorrectly called from non-AWT thread.

See PDF attachement

Tobias (version 200610171010)

PS: could you make the About Dialog edit-able? Would allow copy/paste very easily.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

03-07-2007 09:13:22

Hi Tobias,

I suggest you enter licenses by editing the marvin license file directly.

It should be located in the chemaxon directory in your home directory and is called licenses.dat

I can't reproduce the first exception you mention, and the second one seems to be fixed in the latest version of Marvin which will be in the imminent new beta version of IJC.

Also, please note that the licensing system is currently being improved, and the problems with modal windows will also be addressed in the not too distant future.

The about dialog in IJC is improved in this next release.


User 677b9c22ff

03-07-2007 17:29:03


Thanks, that solved the issue.


User 677b9c22ff

03-07-2007 17:33:34


I enter molString('name') and get the error message

Invalid return type: Methanamine

The Naming works from within Marvin.

version number see post above.


User 677b9c22ff

03-07-2007 17:35:24


solved the problem by myself,

You have to switch to "Text" in the property dialog if you request the name, instead of Integer.

a) Maybe the field can autodetect that?

b) Maybe the error message can be corrected inf future releases?